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These poems are written for the (Inter)NationalPoemWritingMonth 2014.
For the month of April there is one poem per day, sometimes following a prompt, sometimes free.

All poems are (cc) JaePix.de



1. April - An Ekphrastic poem, a poem inspired by a piece of art


We stand in awe before your haught' expression
as proud you shine in Berlin's ancient halls.
Your nose and chin, your eyes, the headdress fashion
survived your culture's rises and its falls.

But was it love that formed these gentle features?
Or was it nature rolling lucky dice?
I hope you know you're luckier than most are.
Your life was touched thus once or even twice.



2. April - Let a verse from the Bibliomancy Oracle spark a poem

"Do you ever feel
The world’s isn’t experimental enough?"
from “Dear Gerard Dear Deepdown” by Adam Strauss

Trial and Error

Life itself is an experiment.
It started with a soup
Of gooey proteins
Millions of years ago
And ended with a world
As colourful as it is now.

My life is an experiment
I try. I fail.
I try again.
It isn't the success that counts
But the experiment itself
With all its colourful failures.



3. April - A poem about a (non-Greek, non-Roman) myth or legend

Lucky Archer

Bows and arrows, hood drawn deep
Takes their money while they sleep
Takes from rich men and the greedy
Gives the gold to poor and needy
Made the folk of England proud
Only to his Lady bowed
Died - unusual for his kind -
Of old age and sane of mind
Would that every man alive
Were so lucky in their strive



4. April - Write a charm

Wedding charm

For her a flower wreath
For him a knife and sheath
A ribbon round their hands
Their heads so full of plans
May words and deeds so done
Join hand and heart to one



5. April - Write a lune (a poem of three lines with 3/5/3 words)


When you go
Forever taken from this world
Go in peace

Wherever you are
Here, or there, or gone
I'll remember you.



6. April - A "Golden Shovel"

My candle burns at both ends;
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends—
It gives a lovely light!

-Edna St. Vincent Millay


It is dark this night, oh my.
All lights are out, not even a candle
in a window or a star in the sky that burns.
We hover in the pitch black at
midnight, watch each other and both
cannot believe this is where ends.
We're still waiting for it
to pass but somehow it seems it will
never be over, only continue and we may not
turn time back to the last
good day we had together. The
days were too bright though, but the night
filled with stars, bright and beautiful but
so far away. And, ah,
did we fly in the trees, my
wings shining with moonlight, the only foes
the bats that chased around and
the cold that came with morning. And, oh,
the morning, my
love, when we rose in the sky and all our friends
with us. But things have changed and now it
ends. We grew old together, our skin no longer gives
off light to brighten the night. A
last flight, a last lovely
embrace as we join our bodies and perish in morning light.



7. April - Keywords from nature

The outside is but a dream

Just yesterday I sat outside
The birds were loudly singing
And children's laughter ringing
The sun was shining on me bright

And now from place to place I ride

The inside of the plane is dark
The engine loudly roaring
While high above I'm soaring
No wind, no sun, nor tree, nor lark.

What might be on the other side?

I hope the sun is just as bright.



8. April - Ode to an inanimate object

Ode to Teddy

You came to me
one winter day
you walked with me
now all this way

Your face is red
your arms all bent
so soft your head
you're heaven sent.



9. April - Rewrite a famous poem

A Faery Song - by William Butler Yeats

{Sung by the people of Faery over Diarmuid and Grania,
in their bridal sleep under a Cromlech.}

We who are old, old and gay,
O so old!
Thousands of years, thousands of years,
If all were told:
Give to these children, new from the world,
Silence and love;
And the long dew-dropping hours of the night,
And the stars above:
Give to these children, new from the world,
Rest far from men.
Is anything better, anything better?
Tell us it then:
Us who are old, old and gay,
O so old!
Thousands of years, thousands of years,
If all were told.

The People's Song

{Sung by the people who used the stones
of the Cromlech to build their homes}

We are young, so young and gay,
Oh so young!
Only a few years, fresh as spring,
No stories to tell.
We don't take advice from things of old.
No history!
We make our own stories, good and bad,
Our own lives
Within this new earth we have just found
And the stars above.
We ignore the old, we ignore their gifts,
We are afraid.
But we grow old and when we are,
We join them.
And give to these children, new from the world,
What they would take.
But until that day, we consider outselves
For many years to come, so many years,
If all were told.



10. April - Shuffle your mp3 player

Bloody iPod poems

No iPod ever
will ever make me write
decent poetry



11. April - Write an ad (no way!)


I watch TV, it's movie time,
When suddenly the jingles chime.
They show me face-cream: "now with lime"
Why would I buy some yellow slime?

Hogwarts is under full attack,
The students fighting back to back,
When Harry calls for his patronus ---
I'm getting ads on credit bonus.

James Bond is shooting at some spies,
Already he has failed three tries,
And then the bullet from those guys ---
Aida cruises advertise.

Two chaps are fencing with light sabres,
The one is Luke, the other Vader.
Darth Vader just says: "Luke, I am ---"
It seems it's time for ads on jam.

You drive me crazy with commercials,
No matter where, it's universal.
You take the fun out of TV.
I'll go and watch a DVD!



12. April - An Anacreontic poem (on love and wine)

I think the alcohol did it

I love your face, so slack and sweet
I love your hands, I love your feet

When you came in and joined me drinking
I didn't think I liked your winking

Now you look good and looking sweeta
With every glass of margarita

I wonder if I'd just decline
your company without the wine.



13. April - Replacement poem (tortoise - grief / animal - sorrow)

The Sentiment that Burrows

Grief is among the world's longest-living creatures.
The earliest known grief dates from 220 million years ago.
It digs nesting burrows,
and is shielded from predators by a shell.
The number of concentric rings on the carapace,
much like the cross-section of a tree,
can sometimes give a clue to how old the sorrow is.
Grief is sexually dimorphic, though the differences
between males and females vary from species to species.
Of the many species of grief alive today,
some are highly endangered.
Most griefs can warm themselves though
by swimming close to the surface of shallow waters,
or will take to land to bask in the sun.



14. April - A poem with at least one kenning

Nordic Heroes

For Freya's tears they joined the quest
For gold and fame they travelled west
Each man adorned with a spike of war
Each man remembering love and lore
They rode the waves of the whale-road high
Their wives waved them a sad good-bye
They one by one bled battle-sweat
And soon enough they did forget
That death would call them to the black
Not one of them was coming back



15. April - A poem made of only questions except the last one

Seven Questions - Seven Directions

What would you do if you lived forever?
Where would you go?
Whom would you meet?
Who would you become?
And why?
When would you tire of it? And if you did -
Which way would you want to die?

Think about it. And then do, go, meet, become.
Before you tire. Before you die.



16. April - Dante's terza rima (ABA - BCB - CDC - D)

Seven circles of hell

You enter through the fiery mount
Into the circles' first of hell
Unwillingly by Cupid found

It started out so very well
And love does in your stomach flutter
The circles' second in a nutshell

The third, when you submit to utter
fusion with the new-found other
You share your life, your bread and butter

Four: You suspect he has another
He stays out late, he smells of perfume
But it's a thought you try to smother

What once did like a rosebush bloom
Now (five) will take away your smile
Reduces you to silent gloom

You set a trap with utter guile
You catch him - that is circle six
The fight has both of you spit bile

No broken bones from stones and sticks
But words hurt worse than beatings can
The break-up is hell's seventh trick

And Cupid loads his bow again



17. April - A ten-line poem that only contains lies (I used the prompt to spark a poem although I didn't stick to it)

Lies, no lies

Winter's hot and snow is blue,
There's no way I could not love you.

I won't be telling you all those lies
That swear that our love never dies

You'll have to trust your instincts though
And you can just go with the flow

I'm neither one to tell the truth
When things go all the way too smooth

I'll be the one though, always must
That you can fully, wholly trust



18. April - Three senses

Three senses

Your fluffy fur rubs against my legs
It tickles me, leaves traces of hair
Sliding down my skin
As I bend to pick you up

Stroking through the velvety softness
The different colours glide through my fingers
Soft beige, light red, dark brown, some black
Each falling hair twinkling in a ray of sunlight

I burrow my face in your pelt
Your soft purring reaches my ears
And is wonderfully soothing
As it jumps from your throat to mine



19. April - A ruba'i (AABA)

Mother Nature

All is beauty in its way,
Plant or critter, night or day.
Lowly cockroach, raven high,
Predator or easy prey.

Feel! The wind is blowing high.
See the sun up in the sky.
Cherish nature that is life!
Let your soul to heaven fly!



20. April - Take any number of those sea shell names to spark a poem: Peruvian Hat, Snout Otter Clam, Strawberry Top, Incised Moon, Sparse Dove, False Cup-and-Saucer, Leather Donax, , huttlecock Volva, Striped Engina, Tricolor Niso, Triangular Nutmeg, Shoulderblade Sea Cat, Woody Canoebubble, Ghastly Miter, Heavy Bonnet, Tuberculate Emarginula, Lazarus Jewel Box, Unequal Bittersweet, Atlantic Turkey Wing


He raises his Peruvian Hat
at the lady with the Heavy Bonnet.
She's sitting with her family
at the banquet table
holding on to her False Cup and Saucer
sipping tea,
eating Triangular toast with Nutmeg
and a Strawberry Top.
He wishes he could join them
for the second course
of Atlantic Turkey Wing
and Shoulderblade of Sea Cat.
Or at least, that she would Sea him
outside of the Shell that is her family
and wave to him, or wink.
But they are Unequals
and the realization Bittersweat
that this shall never be.



21. April - Voice of a family member

Dawn   &   Midnight


Are the humans coming back?   Is there a carpet I could wreck?
Gimme food!   I am bored...
Will you pet me?   This is my tree!
Make that sweater look real worn.   Maybe I could just kick Dawn?
Oh, it's time for a nap.   Why does Dawn have my lap?
Come and cuddle, little sis!   Move away, stupid! *HISS*
That was not for me of course...   I will just go outdoors.



22. April - New York School poem (Not everybody lives near, has been to, or even likes NY)

Big City Girl

I will enter through the tunnel
where a thousand cars can funnel
from the airport to the hotel
where a New York tourist should dwell.
Out into the open sunlight
New York City hits me all too bright:
Full of noise and full of traffic,
graffiti that's much too graphic.
This is where John Lennon died.
This, where Gus from Cats has cried.
See how Brooklyn has improved?
How the crime has elsewhere moved?
See where Wall Street makes its money?
If you were smart you joined them, honey!
Well, I guess I'm not so smart.
I'm a small-town-girl at heart.
I will be much smarter when
I am heading home again.



23. April - A poem for children

Be whatever you like

Empty canvas, born as new
What you do is up to you
If you hide or if you flaunt
Be whatever you want

Grow and prosper, seize the day
Chose whatever path you may
Handsome lady or a tyke
Be whatever you like

Don't let others lead you on
Don't ask them where they have gone
Choose your own road as you hike
Do whatever you like

Live and laugh, enjoy your life
Get a husband, get a wife
When some day death shall come your way
Tell him: Not today!

And when one day you're growing old
And all your stories have been told
Looking back without dismay
You'll know it's been ok



24. April - Write a homophonic translation

KAVA by Irena Matijaševic'

treba mi crna kava, ne samo trenutak
nego duža kava, u koju stane
nevjera i cinizam, tvrdoc'a
pa prijelaz, ispijen, dno, mekoc'a svježeg taloga
a on se ne pije. ionako se moram skinuti s bijelog poroka,
nazovimo to previše šec'era previše bijelog
i tražim nešto gorc(e, oporije.
otpor zapravo.
život, onako kako uz bijeli dim ide crna kava,
malo uzemljenje malo podizanje, ritam, izmjena, trenutak,
mi se dogovaramo
utorak, može utorak, jedan dan veljac(e, poslije dva


i need black coffee, not only a moment
but a full cup, in which there is room for
the lack of belief and cynicism, hardness
then passage, having been drunk, the bottom, softness of the fresh dregs
and that you don’t drink, i have to kick the white vice
let’s call it too much sugar, too much white and i need something bitter,
harsher. in fact, a resistance.
life, the way black coffee goes with the white smoke,
a bit of grounding, a bit of lifting up, rhythm, exchange, a moment,
we are making arrangements
tuesday, tuesday is ok, one day in february, after two


Trouble, I'm craving coffee, I don't know why I'm shaking.
Black sweet coffee, in which the spoon stands
Never I shun it, even too sweet
for life, inspiration, thirst, tranquility, and wonderful alertness
if it doesn't go cold, I'll drink it until I die of heart failure
but until then it will keep me from falling asleep
I drink it with heavy food, after dinner,
or for breakfast
sometimes I like hot chocolate too, but it can't replace coffee
neither addiction, nor stomach ache, not nerves, insomnia, tremor
will deter me
drug, wonderful drug, never leave me, never go.



25. April - A poem on architecture

The Arch

I stand below the majestic arch
That is all that's left of the archbishop's church.
I look up at the structure
That looks down on me in turn,
Because it still arches, and the bishop is long gone.

And archangel smiles down
From the rail
Arching an eyebrow.
And archly, I take a picture,
And write a poem,
And smile.



26. April - A poem with anaphora (repetetive sentences or words)

Eternal Fighter

Fight!   So the dragon can fly.
Fight!   For the eagle up high.
Fight!   For the last redwood tree.
Fight!   For the right to be free.
Fight!   For the love or your life.
Fight!   With a sword or a knife.
Fight!   With the sign on the streets.
Fight!   With fobs and with cheats.
Fight!   Every trick is allowed.
Fight!   Not an oath you have vowed.
Fight!   When you cry and you sob.
Fight!   Now you can't really stop.
Fight!   Kill the demon inside.
Fight!   For your own health and pride.
Fight!   There's a tyrant in here.
Fight!   For there's happiness there.
Fight!   It's the hardest of fights.
Fight!   Till you've ended all nights.



27. April - A curtal sonnet


Thank the gods for furry friends:
For birds and hamsters, dogs and cats,
For horses, rabbits, ferrets too,
Whatever for your best friend stands.
They stay with us, they ask for pets;
They give us all their love so true.

Thank the gods for human kind.
Thank them for that handy thumb,
So they can open our cans
And for us milk and water find.
And be our fans!



28. April - A poem composed for a photo


There was a time
once upon a time
when no mobiles rang
and the only thing
to reach you better
was through a letter
or the public phone
that a pub would own.

There was a time
when horrid crime
and distant wars
were not your chores
when the paper's clues
where day-old news
and you didn't post
about black burned toast

Those times long ago
have gone with the flow
How I wish they were back
when in time I lack
and no TARDIS is near
when my deadlines are here...



29. April - Only use words and sentences from a news article

Glow in the dark

Glow in the dark fade outs
from the Netherlands
are sensitive to the present.
They will continue for power
in the daytime.
A green glow at night
absorbed the dark.
Two drivers switched the effect
which is running interactive rainfall.
Real life users
update temporary situations
unsuitable for this country.
It would take luminescent standards
during winter.



30. April - A poem of farewell


It's seems so hard to say good-bye
I thought that we would never die
I thought we'd be forever more
In trust and love in days of yore

Instead I try to say farewell
I reach my hand out of my shell
I wish you'd give your hand in trade
Before we all from this world fade

So wave and smile and leave me now
What stays are thoughts that we allow
May bad thoughts leave us with relieve
And memories will lighten grief