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These poems are written for the (Inter)NationalPoemWritingMonth in 2010.
For the month of April there is one poem per day, sometimes following a prompt, sometimes free.

All poems are (cc) JaePix.de


I've combined each poem with one of my favourite photographs. If you like the poems and would be interested in seeing them in print, you can get a full print version or a pdf here:

JaePix Spotlight


napowrimo #30: free day

- A farewell cleave poem: 30 days of poetry

It's the final day of so many things
of a wonderful month I wrote poems
I explored depths beyond measure
I have had fun as I haven't before
Thank you !.

30. April 2010


napowrimo #29: front page news

Choose your favorite newspaper or online news provider. Jot down five to ten headlines that jump out at you and without reading the articles, select elements from each headline to create a new event about which your poem reports.

- This turned into a spam email for some reason but it's all BBC headlines

Viagra Spam

Ancient fears
five times bigger:
significant scalp
balloon crashes
nearing end
Sw[e]at valley!
Help is here!
Claim victory
My Fair Lady.

29. April 2010


napowrimo #28: intuition

Write about an ah-ha moment of intuition, listen to phrases around you and turn them into the poem you write.

- A job offer I got in 2000


It was intuition
that made me reject that job.
It was gut feeling
that made me say no.
In hindsight
I must have known
you were sneaky bastards
who had stolen my file.
In hindsight
you blackmailed me
to agree.
I'm glad I didn't.
You're bankrupt
Didn't take long
to go down.
With ethics of your kind
I wonder why?

28. April 2010


napowrimo #27: let someone else take the lead

Write an acrostic poem. The first letters of each line should be formed by a word of significance to you.

I was

Jaded by normality
And thus turned Renunciate
Embraced in the arms of sisters
Loved and cared for
Loving and caring, guided
Ever so carefully.

Never judged
Hands outstretched
And helping

Giving support
In times of need
Light on my way as
Long as I needed it. I would be
Alone without sisterhood.

27. April 2010


napowrimo #26: get scrappy

Dig into your old and unfinished scap poems and use lines you liked or didn't like to do a new poem.

-As always with those prompts I have no source to dig into. It may be unusual for someone who participates in napowrimo to have no half finished writing in their purse or notebook, but here I am.
So instead I am exploring a technique a friend told me about. You pick a newspaper page and "cut out" or underline words or half phrases, then stitch them together like a blackmail letter. It makes for funny poems. I used the BBC website for this one:


India's cricket
targets the convoy of
policies like Nato membership
to try to activate a blowout preventer.
The intention is to
borrow the money from the financial markets,
No fresh decisions were taken.

26. April 2010


napowrimo #25: first things first

Listen to the first thing/sentence/word said after reading the prompt. Use that for inspiration.

- "I will do that"

I will do that

I look at my lover's morning face
I tell him to go back to bed.
Through half closed eyes he looks at me,
And says: I will do that.

But he stays awake to save the world
(Computergames played with glee)
And he helps with the laundry and cleaning the house
And he takes good care of me.

We go together like salt an pepper
Like guns and bullets, we two.
All for one and each for the other
We're making our love stay true.

25. April 2010


napowrimo #24: find a phrase

Travel a while on The Phrase Finder website until you find the phrase or phrase origin that most interests you.

- I was absolutely intrigued by the Nautical Phrases and this is the result. Calling it Sailor's Lament sounds a bit trite tough...

Sailor's Lament

The rope is gone all overboard
Well to it's bitter end.
Between the devil and the deep blue sea
There's nothing more to mend
Well high and dry they've hung us up.
Myself and all the rest.
All at sea we cut and run.
Still hoping for the best.


off prompt

For Tigs, a friend's cat

Orange fur still soft
Purr in your throat now silence
Rest in peace, Tiger!

24. April 2010


napowrimo #23: unlikely couples

Write a poem in which you combine a speaker and an event that normally don’t go together

In the library

Dear passengers,
welcome on board
our brand new library.
Your cashier today
will be John Mehoney
who'll guide you safely
through your check out.
Your average search time
will be 1 hour 15 min.

Our book shop is equipped
with six parallel aisles:
two for contemporary novels
and biographies at the front,
one for history, one for poetry
over at the wings
And two for fantasy and fiction
at the back.

On each shelf
in every place
you can reach
you will find a book.
Please pay attention while our book attendants
familiarize you with its use.

To use a book, open the front cover
and turn the pages to the first one
with the little black spots on it.
Read the so-called letters
from left to right
and top to bottom
turning the pages
until the end.
In case of that event close the cover
and return it to the library.

Dear passengers,
we thank you for your patience
and hope you will have a pleasant
stay upon our library.
Thank you for flying with libra today.

23. April 2010


napowrimo #22: a wordle!

Use one of the words in a wordle, or use them, all in the poem you write today.

- Crow: Another Tanka

Ploughed is the spring field
The crow sits on broken earth
Looking for sweet worms
One creature's lost home and life
Another one's rich breakfast

22. April 2010


napowrimo #21: perfectly flawed

Write a poem about flaws and perfection in yourself or in nature
or write about how you feel about being imperfect or perfect.

Ode to Imperfection

Perfect? Who's perfect?
I'm far from perfect.
Eighty percent is good for me.
Second place is good for me.
The top is hard to defend.
Does "Cost-Performance-Index"
Ring a bell?

There's history of perfect people.
Harrison and his longitude
Took forty years to perfection,
Then got cheated for his pay.
If only he had had the guts
To imperfection
Thirty years earlier.

Imperfection is perfect.
Flaws are good and natural.
Nothing is perfect anyway.
Have faith. Have the guts
To be imperfect.
Just a little.

21. April 2010


napowrimo #20: the hero poem

Write a poem about a childhood hero, real or imaginative.

- I didn't have any personal heroes in my childhood. Only maybe parents in general.

The Hero

He was his hero, from his first day
He gave him footballs, he made him play.
He twirled him round in a summer breeze.
He taught him math with a certain ease.
To ride a bike and to drive a car
Was shown to him by his only star.
He felt so cared for in all the fun
That he could give the same to his own son.
And only when his father died of age
Was his bond broken, was then turned a page.
He was the hero now, for his own child
Who would be just the same when his son smiled.
And only when old age
Had made him sage
Was when the hero...
Did turn to zero.

20. April 2010


napowrimo #19: light bulb moments

Describe a special moment with an ah-ha effect, and eye opener.

- Not one of mine, but of my mother's.

Santa Claus and other myths

Santa Claus in bright red clothes
He brings nuts, toys, and fruit for me.
He lights the candles on the tree.
His beard is white and proud his pose.

All of a sudden blazing fire,
His long white beard is burning bright.
Oh, Santa Claus in peril dire!
Someone extinguish all that light!

But Santa Claus rips off his beard,
My father's face beneath is seen,
And all the time his voice I heard,
And had no clue who he had been.

That day I thought - what else is queer?
Dear parents, so you lied to me.
I checked a lexicon to see
And found the easter bunny dear.

I found the stork, the bogeyman,
The elves, the deers and I could see
My parents dear, they lied to me!
From now on myst'ry I will ban.

19. April 2010


napowrimo #18: meow!

In the year of the tiger, write about cats, big or small.

The Cat

And The Tiger

she prowls in her cage
during the day, she sleeps,
isn't confined in her dreams
in the wild she finds prey
there is freedom in the hunt
after a long sleep she wakes up
she stretches she's back in the cage.
ah! the life of a cat! not what it used to be.

18. April 2010


napowrimo #17: something elemental

Use the elements of earth, fire, air, and water as seeds for a poem.

Circle Magic

Come ye sisters, gather closer
In the circle made of stone
We will be our fates composer
All together, ne'er alone

Earth and water
air and fire
bring about
our heart's desire.

Eastwind blowing, bring the eagles
Golden hunters in the air.
With your power soft yet regal
Sweep the enemy from his lair.

Earth and water
air and fire
bring about
our heart's desire

Southern fire blazing brighter
Chase the enemy around
Stand to burn his troops and fighters
Keep our people safe and sound

Earth and water
air and fire
bring about
our heart's desire

And when all the battle's over
Water from the west bring cold
Wash away the blood and cover
Bodies that have been too bold.

Earth and water
air and fire
bring about
our heart's desire

Mother earth with all your graces
Bring us peace forever more
Let us stay in these green places
Please forgive us war and foe!

Earth and water
air and fire
bring about
our heart's desire

17. April 2010


napowrimo #16: what's that smell?

Write 5 minutes about a smell of something near you.
Then take that free wriiting as a seed for a poem.

- Coffee a colleague is brewing near me.

Smelling memories

The smell of coffee brewing
on an early morning,
brings pictures of a fresh, crisp day
ready to break.

Smell of red wine and cheese
ending a good meal with friends
and a candle
and a chat.

Smell of a wood fire
in a stove
or a campfire
or a torch.

rich with friendship,
fun and love
soothing my heart.

carries me back to places I love
Never to threats or discomfort
The sense I couldn't do without.

16. April 2010


napowrimo #15: carrying a tune

Use a stanza of an old poem that didn't quite work out and hum it aloud. Now write two more stanzas to the same tune.

- Ok, so basically what they wanted us to do is write filk, right?
- Lyrics to a tune we knew, or even with a new tune. Filk I can do. Here you go.
- I think you can guess the music ;-)


The need for writing seemed so far away
Then NoPoWriMo came along my way
And prose belongs
To yesterday.

The words will move and rhyme so easily
Just like a river flowing merrily
Oh, poetry
Came suddenly

Why I
Pledged to join I don't know
I couldn't say
It did
Just feel right at the time
of yesterday.

Writing wasn't yet a game I'd play
Now I'm in to deep and here to stay
Oh what a feat
of yesterday!

15. April 2010


napowrimo #14: you want me to write a what?

Write a Cleave Poem, which basically is three poems in one:
two parallel ‘vertical’ poems (left and right) with a third ‘horizontal’
poem being the fusion of the vertical poems read together.

Under the lake a mermaid cries
a fish swarm swims through her tears
along a coral reef her lover is drawn toward her

And another one for P. on her birthday:
a library full of books
is a hort shelf upon shelf
and all the books they take you places
special each one they show you images
make you wish to know the people
to be there can be real
all the time just dive in
Enjoy !     .

14. April 2010


napowrimo #13: smoke a dubie

Take a first line of a poem from Norman Dubie based on the assumptions that "they worked" and write a poem following that.

I'm sorry about my European ignorance. I had no idea about Norman Dubie's poems and the ones I found didn't speak to me.
If you don't mind, I'll stick with the poets I know and love.

- Shakespeare's Sonnet #34 starts thusly: Why didst thou promise such a beauteous day,

After #34

Why did you promise such a beauteous day
With you and me beneath a winter’s cloak,
Were you to have your treach’rous way,
Would I dissolve in any mirror’s smoke?
You took my heart to beat it and to break
You kissed me then you slapped that very face,
Why would you say the things your tongue does speak
When all you tell me leads to my disgrace.
I long for you despite the hurt and grief;
And would you leave me I would feel the loss.
Yet now I wonder if it wouldn’t be relief
If I should make an effort, take the cross.
And may the teardrops every cloud does sheed,
Let wash away your selfish, monstrous deed.

13. April 2010


napowrimo prompt #12: secret codes

Write some secret codes and then pick one and write a poem about it.
- A drawer full of puppies

The puppies of my mind

Twelve days into the writing,
Twelve days into the fun,
A dozen days of fighting,
With a brain that's on the run.

The time is running faster.
Whatever will I write?
This prompt is a disaster,
Metaphors full of spite.

A drawer full of puppies
Is what my mind is like.
They yelp and yip like harpies
Preparing for a strike.

I think I found enigma,
The secret code within.
The word the poem's stigma
And more would be a sin.

12. April 2010


napowrimo #11: The thing you didn't choose

- Write about a choice or choices you didn't make and what life would be like then

What if?

What if I had children, all grown and in college now?
What if I had married in white?
What if I had stayed and put up with his antics?
What if I'd admit he was right?

What if I had died in childbirth then?
What if I had lived and divorced him?
What if I had not?

What if I had not been the woman I am?
What if I was not bound by oath?
What if indeed?

But I am the woman I've chosen to be.
I've taken the oath to be free.
The choices we make are the futures we flee
And they make me what I want to be.

11. April 2010


napowrimo #10: celebrate!

- write about a recent celebration


He's seventy now
Surrounded by his loved ones
A gem to behold

10. April 2010


napowrimo #9: your mission

* Use at least twelve words from this list:
+ flap
+ winter
+ torch
-- pail
+ jug
-- strum
-- lever
-- massage
-- octopus
-- marionette
-- stow
+ pumice
+ rug
-- jam
+ limp
+ campfire
-- startle
+ wattle
+ bruise
-- chimney
+ tome
-- talon
+ fringe
-- walker
* Include something that tastes terrible (I guess brimstone qualifies)
* Include some part (from a few words to several lines) of a previous poem that didn’t quite pan out; and
* Include a sound that makes you happy (the sounds of fire and sputtering torches)

The Battle

The campfire is burning
it singes the rug
the wattle is sizzling
and warms the cold jug.

He sits by the fireside
a tome on his lap
he studies the signs and
he's making a map.

Winter is bruising
the last autumn's crop
a threat of cold darkness
with first snow's soft drop.

This isn't a season
as seasons have been
immortals have fought us
as so far unseen.

The air smells of brimstone
and pumice is thrown
on earth and on water
like pieces of bone.

Humanity broken
in ruins the land
from goddess forsaken
and hurt by her hand.

Preparing for battle
he gathers his facts
he plans out the tactics
a play in four acts.

Recruiting, and arming
and training in fight:
in magic and combat
in weapons and flight.

His dark coat is flapping
from shoulders to fringe
the cold wind is burning
his old scars to twinge

The flickering torch
makes a sputtering sound
and he looks at his people
that are gathered around.

A ragged assortment
with eyes panic wide
they fight for survival
they call him their guide.

He plays out the prophet
he tells them the lies
that they want to hear now
before someone dies.

And after the battle
who knows what will be
destruction and losses
or time to be free.

He limps back inside then
and lies on his mat
in times that are trying
we will take what we get.

9. April 2010


napowrimo #8: unusual love connections

Find five metaphors describing a current or past love or obsession and pick (at least) one to write a poem celebrating or trashing that love.

- tomcat, flower, solid rock, beacon, blanket, calm sea


The tomcat pawls at night
He walks the perimeter of my home
His step is fast and light
For all the places he must roam

Upon the rock among my sea
There stands a lighthouse tall and calm
A beacon shines where all can see
Soothing my heart like balm

The cat for all his fear of wet
Does prowl the lighthouse through the night
Is watching out for any threat
The beacon shining in his eyes

8. April 2010


napowrimo #7: love, funny side up

Write a Tanka about the funny side of love.
A Tanka is written in a 5-7-5-7-7 pattern where the middle line should work as well as a finish to the first two or as a start for the last to.


du bringst mir freude
bringst mich wieder zum lachen
wie ein zirkusclown
tanzt auf dem hochseil herum
als wäre kein boden da

the springtime of love
is a time of butterflies
they dance in the sun
but when love has grown older
we turn secure of ourselves

7. April 2010


napowrimo #6: converse with images

Find an image from one of your albums that speaks to you and write about that.
- This is from my trip to Lisbon a year ago:

On Duty

There are horses in the graveyard
Two horses made of stone
They have sat there forever
With a duty unknown

They look down on a graveside
Or look up at the sky
They keep watch out for something
They can't say what or why

A dove came a-flying
While the horses kept watch
And she sat on an eartip
With one foot in the notch

The dove asked the horses
Why do you stand guard
The people that lie here
Are beyond care and ward

The horses stood silent
And never did flinch
They were doing their duty
And moved not an inch

6. April 2010


napowrimo #5: make your poetry personal

Give your poetry a name and write a poem about the concept.

- I think my poetry would be called Jester


Jester is an easy guy
He's funny, and witty, and droll.
His mouth is much quicker
Than his brains or his gut
And he doesn't think twice where he goes.
He speaks his mind
And he tries to make fun
But inside he is sometimes sad
And sometimes he's scared
And sometimes he's mad
And it shows in the things he says.
Sometimes he'd like to take back his words
And he stares at them, making a try
But then he thinks, to hell with it
And goes off with a bounce in his stride.

5. April 2010


napowrimo #4: inside out

- Today's poem is to be "inside-out", whatever that means. I have no idea.


Today's metaphor is Inside-Out.
I'm racking my brain what it means.
I think I'll take pictures of a cloud,
That's Outside enough for me.

4. April 2010


napowrimo #3: scared yet?

- Write a poem about something that scares you.

The Dream

I dreamt last night I was fired.
I dreamt last night I was poor.
I dreamt last night that the world had gone bankrupt
and never again be secure.

I was living of somebody's money,
I depended on somebody's grace,
I lived my life on anther one's mercy,
and followed another one's pace.

It wasn't so bad that it hurt me,
I wasn't in hunger or thirst.
The life was ok, I had all I could want
and yet still I felt I was cursed.

I woke in the morning alone in my bed
with silk and satin around me.
I wasn't in sweat and I wasn't in tears
but the dream that I had did astound me.

3. April 2010


napowrimo #2: the ol’ acronym switcheroo

Write about an acronym returned for RWP in an acronym search engine.

- Rain Water Pipe

Sound of a rain water pipe

Winter has left us,
Her mark still upon us.
The snow melts in puddles,
The floor is still cold.

Another year passing,
My age is harassing,
A few more cold winters
And I shall be old.

Rain has come falling,
The sound as if calling
To Spring with a promise
What Summer may hold.

2. April 2010


#1: shuffle a poem

Set your mp3 player to shuffle and include the first five titles into a poem.

- 25 Years
- A last Battle
- Advice to would-be heroes
- Again someday
- Storm

Dear Mankind

I've been in this mess for a lifetime and more
For thousands and twenty-five years.
I've seen them come and I've seen them go
And the scars of the battle they bear.
I'm going to fight a last battle for you
For nature and rightness and bliss.
And as an advice to would-be heroes
That's not something you'd want to miss.
I'm calling the storm and the lighting above
I'm bringing it down on the earth.
And I'm starting again with those who can love
For those are the ones who have worth.
And when I am done and I've had my way
Then maybe the ones who survive
Will learn from their fate and again someday
Will bring a new species to life.

1. April 2010