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Disclaimer: I acknowledge that Harry Potter and everything around it is JK Rowlings sandbox and I only play in it by her leave. Thank you JKR!

Return from the dead

Character(s): The Trio
Prompt: history repeats itself
Rating: free
Word Count: 325
Disclaimer: Not mine. Pity. No gain Pity
Author's Notes: Another one-shot, neither very sophisticated nor beta'ed in any way. The idea just came to me from the prompts and I had to write it down.

It was dark in Godric's Hollow, but it was a lot less silent than one would have expected of a graveyard at that hour of the night.
A circle of black clad wizards and witches stood around a grave. One wizard in the middle held a wand that radiated a faint bluish light and the assorted voices behind the masks chanted a monotone rhyme.
Hermione, hidden behind a headstone a little way off, clung to Ron's hand so hard that he had to suppress a cry of pain. She was shaking all over, but couldn't turn her eyes from the scene.
The center wizard was now cutting his own hand with a knife and squeezing the blood onto the grave beneath his feet. Already, a couple of bones and what looked like a dead snake was lying there on the ground.
Slowly, the gravestone and the small statues on top began to radiate the same faint glow, and in the unsteady light almost seemed to move with a life of their own.
When the wizard in the middle hushed them with a wave of his hand, the chanting circle wizards fell silent. Only the wind in the trees was heard for a while.
Then the wizard spoke.
"Tonight is the night when you shall rise again.
Over the years you have rested and waited.
I have acquired the power that has been denied from me for so long, and now, my dears, will I give back to you what is rightfully yours. Your life!"
Before the eyes of his believers, and before the eyes of Ron and Hermione, the statues on the center grave grew to the size of two people, moved their arms, their legs, and their heads to face the man who had freed them. And to the utter horror of his former friends, Harry brushed back the hood that covered his head and embraced the cold creatures that once were his parents.

Tournament Aftermath

Character(s): The Trio
Prompt: Cold hands, cold feet
Rating: free
Word Count: ca. 280
Disclaimer: Not mine. Pity. No gain Pity

Hermione is wrapped in blankets. She's shivering again. Ron is holding her tight and Harry is gathering up woolen socks and gloves and hats to cover her in.
Since it is a warm summer day, it looks strange to see her wrapped up like this.

It always comes very suddenly. This time they found her by the lake, where she had tried to supposedly drown herself, when the mere people brought her back to the shore. But the mere people aren't concerned enough with the life of the humans to do anything beyond that. They deliver her to her own elements and leave her there.

Ever since the Triwizard Tournament, she has had these attacks. First she gets cold hands, then cold feet, and next her whole body seems to freeze up. She panics, because she can't breathe and she starts to search for ways of relief.

One day she'd run up to the astronomy tower and when the height didn't help she tried to get up higher and higher, and almost fell from the battlements.

This time she tried to get back to where it all started, where the panic had come from, where she'd first had that terrible feeling that her friends should be there to rescue her, but they weren't. Instead, a near stranger, disguised as a shark, had finally released her. And the panic kept returning. What if he hadn't? What if the shark had just eaten her? Weren't sharks supposed to eat people?

If she could only get to a place where her hands and feet would never be cold again. Maybe she should try fire next.

If she could only forget...

Wedding plans

Title: Wedding plans
Character(s): The Trio
Prompt: Five shades of white
Rating: free
Word Count: 338
Disclaimer: Not mine. Pity. No gain Pity
Author's Notes: Another one-shot, neither very sophisticated nor beta'ed in any way.

"Off-white, eggshell, cream, ivory, beige…" Hermione ticked the colours off on the fingers of her right hand.
Ron rolled his eyes. "That's all white to me!"
"No it's not! That's what I'm saying. You can't possibly have a white brides dress at that age. And besides it suggests virginity. We can hardly say that, can we?"
Ron grinned. "Well, they can't prove anything!" he said.
"Pfrrrt! Maybe I should publish those videos I made…"
For a second, Ron looked as if he believed her, but then he grinned. Hermione's smile proved that she had no evidence whatsoever. It made his heart lighter. The fact that they could joke like that meant they were still the old friends they used to be.
"Ok, what about the bride's maids?" Hermione went on.
"I wish you'd stop saying that!"
"What? Maids?"
Ron stared at her.
"Ok, no virginity here either, granted. What about mauve?"
"Is that supposed to be a colour, too?"
"Yes. It's kind of a soft lilac colour."
"How awful!"
"That's decided then. The bride's maids should never look more beautiful than the bride. An old rule."
"I'll bet anything they won't."
It was Hermione's turn to stare now. She poked Ron into the ribs with her index finger until he giggled. Laughing, they collapsed on the sofa.

It was that moment when Harry chose to make an appearance through the hall. He wore jeans and a white t-shirt (or was that ivory?), a black chapeau claque on his head and a tuxedo over his arm. For a second, he watched his two best friends laughing and fighting on the couch, then he coughed. Two red faces appeared over the pillows. Ron and Hermione rearranged themselves and their clothes and smiled at him, sheepishly.

"Was she fussing over the wedding again?" Harry asked. Ron nodded. The Boy Who Lived To Marry One Day smiled his famous smile and said "Don't worry love, you'll look beautiful!" before he lightly touched Hermione on the arm and kissed Ron on the mouth.


Character(s): The Trio
Prompt: A Broken Circle
Rating: free
Word Count: ca. 340
Disclaimer: Not mine. Pity. No gain Pity
Author's notes: I wrote this a while ago but it didn't quite fit into the other challenge I do. I think it fits quite well here.

Hermione was chained to the large stone figure on the graveyard. She had never felt such fear in her life. The Death Eaters were standing in a circle around her, backs to the center, and chanted a mystical spell.
Just when she thought she couldn't stand it any longer, she heard the familiar sound of a broom flying at high speed. She raised her head and saw Harry swooping down from the clouds, still dressed in his Quidditch gear, the captain's badge gleaming on his breast.
With a swish of his wand her shackles fell away and he pulled her up behind himself.
The Death Eaters' circle was broken up, they were firing curses at them and the broom ducked and buckled, evading the spells that exploded like fireworks around them.
Before anyone had mounted their brooms, Harry had flown them out of immediate danger. Behind the Forbidden Forest he sat them down. Her knees gave way and he caught her swiftly in his arms. Before she could say anything, she could feel his hot lips on hers, and she returned the embrace with equal eagerness...

This was when Hermione woke up. She sat up a little and looked to the other side of the bed. Harry was lying there, and when he was asleep she could almost remember the boy she had fallen in love with. When he was awake, she noticed the pot belly where too many butterbeers had taken refuge, the little bald spot at the back of his head, and she listened to his constant complaints about Ron, now his boss at the Department of Aurors.
Since Valdemort was dead - really dead-dead-never-come-back-dead - Harry had fulfilled his dream to live a completely normal life, with normal friends and a normal girlfriend and a possibly future wife and kids.
Hermione wondered what she had hoped for when they were still in school? The hero Harry? A romantic relationship? Or a normal life?
She sighed and turned to face the other way. Maybe she could continue the dream where she left off.


Character(s): The Trio
Prompt: If you wanted honesty
Rating: free (some kissing, no more ;-)
Word Count: ca. 650
Author's Notes: It's Hogwarts 5th year, canon up to GoF.
Not mine. Pity. No gain Pity

Hermione looked up into Ron's face with mixed feelings. True, he had been her first crush at Hogwarts. It was meant for them to be together. Everybody said so. Nevertheless she would have preferred a little more courting that evening, not being dragged into a dark corner and half-wrestled into a kiss. He had been so silent during the party, hardly said a word, merely even touching her, and then this.
Ron's face smiled down at her in the darkness. He kissed the tip of her nose gently.
Hermione sighed. This hadn't been her first kissing-in-dark-corners, mostly because it had taken Ron so long to come to a decision about her after all. She had been dating Victor last year, and Seamus after that. Hermione knew for a fact that it had been Ron's first kiss, though. She'd overheard a conversation between him and Harry not long ago, where Harry had been forced to give explicit tips. His face had been beet red and had stammered incoherently, although she knew from Cho that he was not to exactly a disappointment when it came to that. Hermione had quickly left the room, unwilling to even think about Ron and kissing.
She smiled softly. Ron hadn't been as bad or clumsy as she had secretly suspected. He had been careful, but passionate. Maybe a relationship based on physical parameters was just as good as one based on mutual understanding and intellect?
Hermione closed her eyes and relaxed against the wall behind her. She was quite astounded when Ron suddenly muttered an excuse and left her.

Around a corner a few corridors away, the running Ron hit a stationary Ron at full speed. For a second the similar faces stared at each other, trying to keep their balance, then one said "How'd it go?" and turned instantly a brilliant freckled red.
"What do you expect?" asked the other Ron, then shook and twitched again, shuddered, and turned into Harry in a set of Ron's clothes.
"If she finds out, she'll never forgive us!" Ron said, holding out Harry's clothes to him.
"Oh, *now* you get second thoughts?" Harry retorted. "It was your idea to start with. You were the one who suddenly got performance anxiety and begged me to skip in! Don't give me that shit now. I didn't want to do it!"
"I'm just saying… we can never let her find out!" Ron said helplessly.
"Well, how do you plan to continue? It'll be the same panic all over again for next time, won't it?"
"I… I don't know…" Ron shuddered. "I though it wouldn't after we'd made sure she really wanted me…"
Harry shook his head, then got out of Ron's clothes and quickly back into his own.
"I told you, I'm not sure she won't notice the difference… and don't you think honesty is a key factor in a relationship?" Harry rephrased the same concerns he had given to Ron earlier that evening.
"If she wanted honesty, she should have gone to the Yule ball with me last year. I was honest then and she didn't like it."
"You were outright obnoxious about it!" Harry said.
"But honest nevertheless!"
"You know, maybe you shouldn't even date her if that is what you think!"
"OH! Did you just get a taste of it and now you think you can talk me out of it? Well, you can't!" Ron exclaimed, getting more agitated with every word.
"Don't be stupid!" Harry shouted in turn. "I did this for you!"
"And you'll never let me forget this, will you?"
"Forget what?" The voice of Hermione interrupted their argument.
Both boys turned sheet white, which, at least for Ron, gave a nice contrast to the red color before.
They both shuffled their feet and Harry mumbled an excuse before he grabbed the bag of clothes he had just shed and sped off down the corridor.
Over his shoulder he could hear Ron say: "Let's go back to the party, shall we?"

A lump formed in his throat.

~~ The End ~~

The blind leading the blind

Character(s): The Trio
Prompt: The blind leading the blind
Rating: free
Word Count: 104
Author's Notes: my shortest drabble ever

"This is pitch dark!"
"Damn! Can't you do a lumos?"
"Doesn't work. No idea why."
"It must be the house. It's preventing magic somehow."
"Maybe it's charmed?"
"Here, take my hand!"
"Ouch! Dang!"
"I am over here."
"Harry, this is NOT my hand!"
"It's not me. I am over here."
"Then who is…? RON!"
"No, no, not me either!"
"Stop that! I said…"
"What's she doing?"
"Err… Hermione, are you kissing someone there?"
"Hermione, err.. just so you know, it is not one of us!"

The sound of footsteps moving away, a door creaking, then silence again.

Recruiting Day at Hogwarts

Character(s): The Trio
Prompt: Look over there
Rating: free
Word Count: ca. 400
Author's Notes: inspired by and her conversation with her brother. This was faster than I expected myself ;-)
Disclaimer: Not mine. Pity. No gain Pity

"Which booth next?" Hermione said over her shoulder to Harry and Ron. The two moaned in unison.
"I can't stand a single more 'Oh it's basically a fun job', really" Ron complained.
"Or one more 'You'll need top grades in all your owls to join whateverstupidacademy'! I mean who do they think we are?" Harry joined in.
Hermione didn't seem to hear them. She had told them over breakfast that they weren't exactly good at household spells, so marrying rich wasn't an option. Hence they had to walk by every booth and table at this year's Recruiting Day at Hogwarts.
"Look over there!" she pointed now. "That booth with the green draperies over the front… is that supposed to be for Slytherins only?"
Harry raised his eyebrows. "I don't think there should be any 'only' recruiting around, or did you see any signs up with 'Huffelpuff preferred' or 'Gryffindor join here'? Let's check that out."

Strange enough, the booth seemed exclusive and rejecting The other booths were open stalls or tables, where you could stroll by, gather promotion quills and broom stickers, and be chatted up by witches and wizards with frozen smiles. In contrast this one looked secluded and minimalistic. It might have been enchanted inside to fit more people, though.

Hermione absentmindedly picked up a flyer, but seemed transfixed by the heavy curtain.

The parchment read:

If anything of the following appeals to you...
  • You rank supremacy over justice
  • You like power beyond imagination (to watch not to have)
  • You don't mind following orders by the word
  • You don't mind blood on your hands or clothes
  • You are aware that failure may result in instant termination
  • You like exercising power over helpless individuals
  • You believe you can be the one to buck the system and become a leader yourself
...then join us at the Evil Overlord Job Fair right through the curtain.

That moment the heavy cloth moved and Draco Malfoy stepped out into the light. He bore a smug smile and was followed by Crabbe and Goyle, who displayed their usual thug expressions.

Ron, who had read the flyer over Hermione's shoulder, tapped the list and caught her attention back. "Do you fancy to go and have a look?"
She shook her head. "Uh-uh, but I think I just learned how evil overlords recruit their minions."
"I think these didn't bother with the flyer," Ron remarked and Harry concluded:
"Well, a day we learned something is a day not wasted."