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Disclaimer: I acknowledge that Harry Potter and everything around it is JK Rowlings sandbox and I only play in it by her leave. Thank you JKR!

Arrival of the King

Date: 22.04.07
Character(s): Sirius, Regulus, and Walburga Black
Prompt: The room where women come and go
Warnings: no beta. You are welcome to beta and comment, though!
Word Count: around 150
Disclaimer: Not mine. Pity. No gain Pity Thanks, JKR!
Author's Notes: It's a series. Chronological, too. Oh my. Comments are most welcome.

"Let's just hope it's a boy!" Uncle Alphard said, patting his nephew's head.

Sirius didn't care much. He watched his aunt Elladora and several other women come and go from the room where inside - supposedly - was his mother, being bitten by a stork, or so they'd told him, so he would get a little brother or sister. He hopped up and down on his uncle's knee, unable and unwilling to sit still any longer.

"I wanna big brother!" he announced suddenly. '"He'll help me against Bella."

His uncle roared with laughter and pinched his cheek.

"Yes, little man, we'll see what we can do! Just hope it's not a girl, or your mother will marry the two of you to keep her bloodline straight!"

"Don't plant that nonsense in the little boy's head. He's just three yet!" hissed his wife, hurrying by.

"She would, too," grumbled Orion, "if I let her."

Big Brother

Character(s): Sirius, Regulus, and Walburga Black
Prompt: sleepwalking
Warnings: none
Word Count: 450-ish
Disclaimer: Not mine. Pity. No gain Pity Thanks, JKR!
Author's Notes: Sirius is six when he witnesses a ritual at night.
P. beta'ed this. Thanks so much for your many suggestions and remarks. You see I have taken quite a lot and incorporated them. The ghouls for instance :-)

It was near midnight when Sirius awoke in his bedroom. It took him a minute to shake himself awake and realize what had woken him. Something had made a tiny little noise in his brother's bedroom next door.

Sirius crept out of bed and took a peak.

In the corridor, Bellatrix was levitating the still body of her cousin towards the stairs.
Sirius hesitated for a moment, then followed her. He knew all the creaking stairs and how to avoid them swiftly. He followed Bella across the grounds, where she stirred towards the little lake.
Some distance away Sirius hid behind a bush. His dragon print pyjamas were dark and ideal to hide with. He saw candles that lit a spot under the willows, where Bella moved towards a group of dark clad people. "Let's get some practice, then!" he heard her say. The voice carried well across the silent park.
Her friends applauded her softly.

Sirius' eyes grew large as he saw her place Regulus on a slab of stone. There was a chalice, and a knife, and his bother looked stunned and immobile.

Bellatrix had a knife, Sirius noticed. Maybe she'd hurt Regulus. Maybe even kill him. Sirius' heart raced as he retreated further into the bushes.
Unbidden pictures came to his mind. His father had played with him often, before the baby had been born. His mother had always saved him a piece of pudding then. Now that piece was almost always for Regulus. And the string bow the little one could hardly hold, was Regulus' too.
Suddenly Sirius loathed his little brother with all of his heart. He had asked for a *big* brother, damn that stork! Not a frail little baby boy, who got all the attention and left nothing for himself.

The black clad teenagers formed a circle around the makeshift altar. To a more experienced observer, they would have looked rather clumsy as they shuffled around and hushed each other. But to Sirius, they seemed like the ghouls his uncle Cygnus loved to tell them about. Those who stole little boys away from their beds in the middle of the night.

Other pictures rose from the depth of Sirius' memory. He had told a bedtime story to Regulus about a princess in a tower. Regulus had reached into his brother's hair and squealed with joy. It hurt when he pulled, but Sirius enjoyed the bubbling laughter too much to stop him.
And then a broken glass horse, one of Sirius' favourites. Regulus had dropped it from clumsy hands, shattered it beyond repair.

A resolution formed in Sirius' head. He would just retreat to the house and go back to bed. If someone saw him, he would tell them he'd sleepwalked. And he would hope Regulus would not be in his bed tomorrow morning.
He nodded to himself, as if to assure himself of the plan, but didn't move. In fascinated horror he stood still and watched.

Behind the wall of black cloaks he saw Bellatrix raise the knife, and then lower it. All of the sudden, Regulus woke up and started screaming. Sirius remained stock still. Commotion broke out and the crowd began to scatter. He heard a splash as something was thrown into the water. Regulus' screams stopped.
Somehow, the sudden silence broke the ban better than any cry could have done, and Sirius turned and ran as fast as his naked feet would carry him. Back to the house, to alert his parents! Quick to fetch Kreatcher, and to save his little brother from harm!

He was a *big* brother, after all. He was supposed to help Regulus against Bellatrix! Because that's what big brothers were for.

Summer Time, and the Living is Easy

Character(s): Sirius, Regulus, and Walburga Black
Prompt: the sea
Warnings: no beta. You are welcome to beta and comment, though!
Word Count: 100!
Disclaimer: Not mine. Pity. No gain Pity Thanks, JKR!
Author's Notes: Sirius at 16, Regulus is 13 years old. Comments are most welcome.

Summer time again.
No school.
No lessons.
No Hogwarts.
Sirius pried his brother loose from some Ravenclaw girl and dragged him out of the compartment. He'd already said good-bye to his own girlfriend at the school. They were heading into London on the steam train, then on to the coast, where their parents had a cottage. Beautiful view of the sea, extensive park to loose yourself in.
Long walks at the beach.
His mother's tea parties, his father's muggle hunts, and for weeks on end only himself, Regulus, and their parents.
Bellatrix would be there, too.
Sirius hated summer vacation.

Blood is thicker than water

Characters: Sirius, Regulus, and Walburga Black
Prompt: the only adventure
Warnings: no beta. You are welcome to beta and comment, though!
Word Count:
Disclaimer: Not mine. Pity. No gain Pity Thanks, JKR!
Author's Notes: Why Sirius really ran away from home.

"You will do as you are told!" screeched Walburga Black and slapped her son across the face, hard.
Sirius' expression was wooden, his voice oddly cold, as he said: "I will not, mother. I have told you so."
He sounded much more in control of the situation than his raving mother.
"Pure blood is thicker than water," she screamed. "Her family and I have agreed on it before you were even born! You will be betrothed this summer and you will marry her a year after that. That. Is. Final!"
Sirius suppressed a sigh. They had been through this before.
"You can betroth me, mother, but I will be of age after summer, and I will break the engagement as soon as I turn 17. Do you really want to face Uncle Cygnus with that news?"

Behind his mother's back he saw Regulus walk up and slowly shook his head, but it was too late.
"I'll do it, mother. If you want me to, I can marry her..."
Now Sirius moaned in exasperation. His mother's face broke into a wicked grin.
"I will NOT call off the feast! You two will come to an agreement!" she shouted and turned on her heels.

"What did you do that for?" Sirius asked when she was out of earshot.
His brother looked crestfallen. "I was hoping she'd postpone it for another two or three years then. I'm only 13, you know..."
"Well, that didn't work, did it?" he barked. "So now what? Are you going to marry her for me? She's already so much older than I am, and you loathe her! She's never been anything but cruel to us. When you were little, she tried to drown you in the lake, you know. You won't even survive your honeymoon!"
His brother was just too damn soft-hearted.
Regulus stood silently, tears of rage gathering in his eyes. He had only meant well.
"I can do dark magic," he insisted at last. "Mom taught me."
"And you think she can't? She's a Black, after all!"
Sirius shuddered. That he was being told to mate with his cousin and probably create some kind of Black-ish abomination as a result was a disgusting thought, even without adding Bellatrix to the equation.
"I'll do it!" he announced after some thought, and his face was ashen now. "What else can I do, now that she's put you on the balance! You just keep your nose clean, little brother. She'll give you more freedom of choice when the time has come."
"She won't accept a Ravenclaw, though, would she?" Regulus asked tentatively.
"I don't think so, bro. Either you find a pure-blood, or you learn to face her down, already."
"You should talk," Regulus retorted, but there was remorse in his voice.

The day of the feast came faster than Sirius liked. For two weeks he had clenched his teeth and played along. What else was there to do? Now the garden was decorated in dark red flowers, chairs and tables had been placed on the lawn, and the guests were toasting each other with the most expensive elf champagne. When finally his mother raised her voice, Sirius had a lump in his stomach that would not resolve.

"Welcome, my dear friends, welcome," she purred in her screeching, ugly voice. "I am so glad you all came to celebrate the betrothal of my eldest son to the beautiful daughter of my bother Cygnus"
With gnarled hands she pulled the two towards her and held their arms as if with iron bands.
Bellatrix looked lovely in her black dress, but wore a vicious expression that said clearly who would have a say in this union.
Sirius tried not to betray any emotion he had. His face was hot and his limbs were shaking, In his head he rehearsed the plan he had over and over again.

A few minutes later the speech was over, and everyone raised their glasses. That was the moment when his prepared silencio charm kicked in. Silence fell. He took a step back and heard his own voice shrill from excitement.
"I have an announcement to make as well, mother. I am grateful for such a... lovely bride, but I am afraid I cannot keep this incestuous habit of inter-family marriages up any longer. I would hate to see my sons and daughters grow up to be like you, mother. I am sorry, I will have to break this betrothal as soon as it has been announced, and I really should be going now."

His hand clasped around the little portkey he had made, and with a whooshing sound he disappeared from the spot before anyone, especially his mother, could come to their senses.

He knew full well that the happy garden party would turn into one of his father's beloved man-hunts within the next hour.

James was waiting with the brooms in town. The portkey had only brought him a few miles, but since his parents didn't know that, it was just as well.
"Do you think she will replace you with Regulus at once?" James asked as they mounted their brooms.
"Not today, no!" said Sirius. "I tied him up in the attic. I doubt they'll find him before tomorrow morning." He grinned. "It's for his own good, after all!"

In a moment like that, what did it matter that he had no parents any more, no heritage, and no family? He still had his future, the only adventure!
Together they kicked their brooms off the ground and rose into the clear blue sky.


Character(s): Sirius, Regulus, and Walburga Black
Prompt: violin
Warnings: no beta (yet)
Word Count: ca. 125
Disclaimer: Not mine. Pity. No gain Pity Thanks to JKR
Author's Notes: Comments are most welcome.


Walburga Black's screeching voice echoed through the hallways of the house like a broken violin.

"You useless little scum! Blood traitor! Disgrace to the family! I will make sure your father disowns you!"
He heard Kreatcher chuckle while he tried to keep control. His mother turned a corner, and he grabbed his wand tighter - the killing curse on the tip of his tongue.

His father had taught him well. "One day you'll need it - to defend yourself" he'd always said. And defend himself he would. He would no longer tolerate the abuse she heaped on himself and his brother.

"Sirius! Si-ri-US! You are going to miss the Hogwarts Express! Wake up!"
Sirius opened his eyes with a start. He was at the Potter's. Safe at last.

Tomorrow Is Something We Remember

Characters: Sirius, Regulus, and Walburga Black
Prompt: Tomorrow Is Something We Remember
Warnings: no beta. You are welcome to beta and comment, though!
Word Count: 250-ish
Disclaimer: Not mine. Pity. No gain Pity Thanks, JKR!
Author's Notes: How Regulus got expelled from the DE Club. Inspired - of course - by the last scenes of HBP

He was dimly aware of the greenish glow around him, the humidity of the cave, and the chill or the dark waters around him.
He gulped down the nasty brew in his mouth.
Wormtail opened the door to the Potters' home and he sobbed. "It's all my fault."
Another gulp.
The Dark Lord killed James and Lily and he screamed: "No, not them! Not them!"
Have another drink.
He saw Bellatrix throw a jinx at Sirius, saw him fall through the archway and cried "Nooo. Take me instead! Kill meeeee!"
It was easy to keep drinking. It was what he did when he felt awful, anyway. Usually, it just tasted better.

And then it was over. He groped for the bottle of firewhiskey in his pocket. He didn't remember how he made his way back. He only remembered his mother's look of horror when he appeared at 12 Grimmauld Place. He remembered his father patching him up, frail as he was himself already. Giving him the energy he needed to continue. Doubtless Orion had thought his son had been wounded in duty for the Dark Lord.

Now, alone, he wondered if it had all been worth it. Once they found out he'd leave the Death Eaters, they'd kill him for sure. It was not a club you left easily.
His life was forfeit in any case. Why not do something useful with it, then? With a sigh, he took matters into his own hands. After what he had seen, he wouldn't want to live until it happened, anyway.

"One day, you will wonder what hit you" he murmured to the owner of the locket he had retrieved.
He pointed his wand at the horcrux and shouted: "Cavraccas!"

The world went black.

The Fall of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black

Character(s): Sirius, Regulus, and Walburga Black
Prompt: disheveled
Warnings: P. beta'ed this and gave me valuable hints, especially on the intro. Thank you so much, dear!
Word Count: ca. 280
Disclaimer: Not mine. Pity. No gain Pity Thanks, JKR!
Author's Notes: This built up as a song inside my head. It works with a, G, C,a, a, G, E and a, G, C, G,a, G, a alternating. It was inspired by the Black Family Tree and the many burn marks on it.

The Fall of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black

If you dare seek the deserted halls of 12 Grimmauld Place, London on a dark and stormy night, you can hear the ghosts sing a song about the House of Black.

Traitors of the house of Black will earn their cruel fate
And nothing does escape the wrath of pure bloods true and straight.
Disowned, discarded, outcast and, if possible, denied
Oh, may they rot and burn in hell, un-moaned for if they died.

Poor Isla went to marry Bob, became a housewife true.
She bore the Hitchens' mudblood sons who turned out muggle, too.
Phineas followed Isla's path and fought for muggle rights
Disowned, dishevelled, in the gutter spent his lonely nights.

Marius Black tried all he might, but couldn't cast a spell.
Without a wand he faced his kin. They drowned him in a well.
The worst of traitors to the blood was one Cedrella Black.
She ran away with Septimus, and lived in Weasley's shack.

Walburga raised her pure blood sons, with screams and yells and flog.
She favoured well her "little king" and chased away the "dog".
And when her Sirius left for good, she ruled out Alphard, too,
For loyalty to traitor brats is not the pure bloods' view.

One more has left the clan for good, Andromeda, née Black
who married Teddy Tonks and turned to family her back.
And so went many from the line of ancient noble blood
Who did not choose incestuous life and much preferred the cut.

Although they tried to keep the line of squibs and muggles clean
They did not know what breading to the House of Black would mean
It was not them, the "toujours pur" who formed the line to date,
But those who valued choice above a noble, ancient fate.

And so the traitors to the house depend at large on view
For those who fought for freedom were so brave, albeit so few.
The ghosts who haunt this house to date will tell you if you ask
That they make sure the Blacks stay dead, however hard the task.