Minerva McGonagall

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Title: Interview with a teacher
Artist: Jae
Medium: modeling clay, various textiles, paint, camera ....
Character: Minerva McGonagall post HP time
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Author/Artist's Notes: This was done for an April's Fools challenge on HP. I created a hand puppet and ran a little interview with her for show's sake. The main creation is the puppet itself, I think, so I include the making-of.


I was asked to create Art, with a medium I've never used before. Looking at the results I'd say it's "craft" rather than "art", but it certainly is a new medium. Two in fact.
I've never done a hand puppet before, nor have I ever made a video clip. I thought the puppet would be hard, and the video easy. Ha!

The following images illustrate the making of Minerva McGonagall, as inspired by the movies.

The head and face is first of course. The modelling clay is said to be good for hand puppets because it's light weight after microwaving. The downside of this is that it is also hard to model. I wish I'd bought the old fashioned dry-in-the-oven clay.

After microwaving, I am positively surprised at how unbreakable it is. Here, it gets a little skin tan with water colour. (And this is all the nudity you'll get.)

The hair is next. I have an old wig from carnival that I never wore. Cut a bunch of hairs off, sew a part into the middle and glue it on. There. (And the wig looks still usable, too.)

Another chunk of wig for the bun, sewn on this time.

Now for the clothing. I need McGonagall hands so I can place my fingers in them and a dress that covers my hand / her body.

She needs a hat of course.

Now, glue it on? Hm, doesn't work. Oh, stapling works. Sorry 'bout that, Minerva.

Now for the typical looks. A green robe, the silver brooch, and of course, a little make-up.

At least when the Aurors get her, she'll look good on the mug shots.

And now, for the fun of it, the breath of life.
Would you believe how hard it is to use a normal photo camera as a video camera? Even though the option is there?
There's never enought light. The arm that holds the puppet gets into the shot. The voice sounds... *ugh*
And Video Dub? Pest in bottles. And reducing the file size from 2 GB down to something that works on the internwebs?
Who would have thought? But here it is now. It's blurry, it's pixelish, it's bad sound quality. You've been warned. Enjoy.

Interview with Minerva McGonagall

I hope you enjoyed that.
              All the best

                                                                                          The Fool of Minerva McGonagall