The Towers of Darkover

I am very happy and proud that some ambitioned people returned to the ruins of the old Towers and are currently renovating some of them. The Towers of Darkover are an institution that serves as relays for comunication, as substitute of terranan techniques and as trainig center for aspiring laranzus. They are places were comynari are educated to use their laran and where a keeper, technitians and monitors worke together on matrices. Formerly they produced ores and mineral resources, they helped cultivating the land and heal patients. The Towers held at least as much power as the regent, comparable to secular vs. worldly powers on mideval Terra.
I am also proud that I have been found worthy to be trained as monitor at Dalereuth Tower. Together with my co-aspirants I gave my monitor's oath recently at Thendara, where the Dalereuth circle gathered.

The Towers all over the World

Nowadays some of the towers just contain mirror sites or additional information about darkover, but who knows? We may return to the relays soon.

Hali Tower
Arilinn Tower
Neskaya Tower
Dalereuth Tower
Tramontana Tower
Corandolis Tower
Comyn Tower

Want to peek into one of the matrix-chambers? *shshshshsh* be very quiet and we'll have a little look. come on in

Dictionari Darkovanan

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The Comynari Families and Their Gifts

Alton The Alton Gift is one of forced rapport. It means, that a person can force telepathic contact with another mind and also manipulate it to a degree.
Ardais The Ardais serve as catalysts that may start laran in a younger person.
Aillard The Aillard keep much to themselves and nobody knows exactly about their donas.
Aldaran The Aldaran Gift is precognition. The Aldaran may experience visons of places or times but not necessarily know where, when or what they see.
Ridenow The Ridenow family is capable of empathy in a very strong way. They feel and experience emotions of men and nonhumans and can communicate thus.
Hastur The Hasturs have a laran that in full measure does not need a physical matrix. They are also capable of manipulating minds. They are sometimes called "living matrix".
Elhalyn The Elhalyn have for long been the kings of the seven Domains. Their donas to foresee possible futures might have helped there.
Rockraven The Rockraven family is one of the minor comyn families. Their gift is controll of wheather and lightning.
McAran Another minor comyn family is the McAran Clan. They are capable of animal rapport.