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A Map of the Domains of Darkover by Ms. Arbur with links to most Darkovan places and another map by T. Berger.
The Towers - a complete list.
The Aldaran Domain
Castel Aillard at Valeron
The Syrtis Estate with Cousin Jaelle Syrtis' wonderful rose garden!
Hall of the Guard under comand of Eduin Alton, Comander of the Guard
Castle Delleray
Castle Elhalyn

Guildhouses of the Free Amazons

The Guild of Renunciates Webring
The International Renunciates Guildhouse
US English Thendara Guildhouse
German Dalereuth Guildhouse
German Temora Guildhouse
Neskaya Guildhouse
French Arilinn Guildhouse
Portuguese Neskaya Guildhouse


Valeria n'ha Lucilla
Leisha's Darkovan Sweet Shop: Weight Watchers not permitted!
Eliadha's Book Stall
Mikaella's Art Shop
Angharad Weaver's Shop


The Darkovan Inquirer: Gossip all over the seven Domains
Thendara Message Board
There's a Role Play Game Page with an FAQ and additional information.
More about the Role Play Game
A Darkover Index: Complete Encyclopedia on Darkover, soon to be renewed at Index - Darkover
Darkovan Dictionary

Short Stories

Diego Storn's Darkovan Travel Diary (RPG)
Collected story lines from the Darkover-Lovers RPG
My own fan-fiction: "Dreamdancer", "Once in a lifetime", and "Free Amazon"



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