The Matrix Chamber

Please, visitor, enter! But I must bid you to be very quiet so you don't disturb the matrix workers.
I know, for a head-blind it is hard to concentrate in here. You know, each of the shining lights is a telepath, a laranzu, who is connected with every other of the telepaths through the matrices in the overworld. They work together on different tasks gathering their strengths. They are helped by technicians and supervised by monitors.

If you want to learn more about the Towers of Darkover and the Telepaths, please visit one of the folowing places:

Hali Tower

kept by ???

Arilinn Tower

kept by Elorie of Arilinn

Neskaya Tower

kept by Myria of Neskaya

Dalereuth Tower

kept by Marilla of Dalereuth

Tramontana Tower

kept by Aiden of Tramontana

Corandolis Tower

kept by ???

Comyn Tower

kept by Damien of Elhalyn