The City of Dalereuth by the Sea

The Sea Chieri Dalereuth is a town by the ocean, primarily a fishing town after the compact banned long distance weapons including clingfire and bonewater which the town had produced in abundance. The town, once prosperous before the compact, is now relatively poor. The thing that makes Dalereuth different from other places is that most of the women are skilled in one thing or another, because the women outnumber the men. The tower is also much involved with the town. The Renunciates are mostly welcome in Dalereuth, women being so important, but some fear that in a town so small any competition will hurt their lives badly.

There is a drab market square, near empty with most of the stores boarded up. There is a baker, a potter, a weaver and a glass-maker. There is a stand that sells fresh farm goods, a bake shop and a dairy with good looking cheeses displayed. There is scarce trade in Dalereuth so most larger purchases must be sent for from Thendara.

There is an inn at the edge of the Market Square in Dalereuth. The inn has good stabling with a woman groom to care for the animals.
Inside is an orderly, clean common room with a polished bar, freshly scrubbed tables, and comfortable chairs. Family groups as well as groups of individuals fill the tables. The rooms are nicely kept and made up with fresh linens for each guest. Through a door at one end of the second floor hallway are four baths reserved for women. At the other end of the hallway and up some stairs are baths reserved for the men. The inn has three hot springs. Mostly fishers come after a day’s work to bathe and eat. It is the only inn in Dalereuth for the town gets few travelers. The inn is run by Jock o’the Inn. Compared to most inns, the Dalereuth inn is impeccable with clean rooms and good food along with a nice atmosphere.

The Renunciates’ Guildhouse is at the edge of town, with massive oak doors opening onto the street. A wide gate leads into the grounds at the side of the house. The grounds are extensive, with stables, a paved stable yard and large paddock. Behind the house are small walled gardens. There are orchards as well. The back of the grounds are also walled, with a gate through which one can see the coast road and the sea wall. The sound of the sea water is heard clearly from the grounds.

Right at the seawall, on a cliff, and adjacent to the Guildhouse stands the Tower of Dalereuth. The tower staff and the Renunciates are at very good terms with each other. A vineyeard and a botanical garden are tended by both as shared property.

After the Guildhouse was rebuilt out of a neglected ruin it attracted more and more women who wish to live their life as Free Amazons and in the additional security of the nearby tower.
The town also prospers under the influence of the new alliance. More and more people settle in Dalereuth and open shops or run a business.


A Map of the City

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